Nico's Naturals Bath & Body Products

How We Got Started

Nico’s Naturals was founded in the woods of Taos, New Mexico where I lived with my young daughter on five acres of land in a small cabin with a really great outhouse in the back.
We cooked on a wood burning stove and read by candlelight until we were able to afford solar panels which gave us electricity on a part time basis.
My brother, Mark, was also in the midst of starting a new herbal remedies business. We worked together for several months.  During this education phase, I learned a great deal about the benefits and qualities of natural and organic herbs. Full of passion and knowledge, I began to experiment using herbs and other natural ingredients in the making of handmade soaps.
My life long passion has always been art; painting, sculpting arts and crafts of all kinds. I weas not content making a bar of soap that simply cleaned and nourished the skin. A bar of soap can also be a work of art that will grace the bathroom with beauty and be a gift one can bestow with pride.
Thus, began my quest to develop my own soaps containing only the finest ingredients that looked like a fine piece of sculpture or porcelain, pleasing to the eye, with a complimentary scent that would awaken the senses with it's pleasing aroma.
My first batch was made on our wood burning stove. I stirred and I mixed until I perfected the soap making process. I drew upon my knowledge of natural and organic herbs and let loose my creative/artistic side which has been a major influence in my life since childhood.
I soon discovered that the varieties of designs, colors and aromas were almost limitless.  The challenge was to find exactly the right balance of these three elements that could create a product that would make bathing and showering a sensuous and luxurious experience.
Initially, I gave my soaps to friends as gifts. When invited to dinner, instead of the ubiquitous bottle of wine, my hostess would receive several bars of beautiful soap. The word of my creations spread throughout the small artistic community of Taos and soon several local stores were ordering on a regular basis. They were delighted with the various designs and scents available that allowed them to break away from the mundane and add variety to their bathing experience.  It was time to give this business a name.  I chose “Nico’s Naturals” after my, then, ten year old daughter, Nico.
Just as I was becoming the “Toast of Taos” I came down with a serious illness and was forced to move to California to be nearer to my parents. In time, my illness grew worse, requiring six months of chemotherapy. My daughter and parents, God bless them, struggled to keep my business alive.
Fortunately my health returned and with the continued help of my family, we began to rev up Nico’s Naturals in the resort community of Palm Springs, California. Unfortunately, fate once again intervened and on January 27, 2006, I was badly injured in a near fatal car accident. After six surgeries, nine months in a wheelchair and two years of physical therapy, I once again began rebuilding my luxury soap business. The response has been most gratifying. Stores and upscale boutiques carry my product with pride. Hostesses give my soaps as party favors to their guests at trendy parties. I ship soaps to faithful customers all over the U.S. and Canada who have been introduced to Nico’s Naturals.
At Nico’s Naturals we passionately believe elegance should be a part of everyone’s life. Not everyone can afford a mansion on the hill or an expensive yacht in the harbor. However, we want to make everyone feel like a king or queen in the bath or shower as they envelope their senses in our luxury soaps. Your friends will be delighted as you present these products as a unique gift. Finally, your body will glow as you nourish your skin with this fine product made from only the purest ingredients.   Please give our products a try.  I am totally confident Nico’s Naturals will exceed your expectations.

Sincerely Yours,

Lynne Hershiser